Brightwell Koral MD Pro - PRO dip for corals/live rock (125ml)

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Koral MD PRO
Professional Strength Coral & Frag Dip Cleaner Conditioner Acclimator

Koral MD PRO Coral Dip does not contain iodine. It is a PROFESSIONAL strength prophylactic cleaner, dip and conditioner for use in cleaning new corals, live rock, and empty coral fragging & holding facilities. It will assist in cleaning corals prior to addition into the aquarium. It will also prevent the transfer of unwanted substances into the aquarium. It will assist in acclimating newly fragmented corals and washing new or damaged corals. It is safe for dipping stony and soft corals, sea anemones, mushroom anemones and zoanthids. It is excellent to use to wipe down or to soak holding facilities or old aquariums for re-use (rinse well after use). This product is not a medication or a household cleaner.

Instructions & Guidelines
Shake the bottle very well prior to every use. Wear rubber gloves & goggles when handling! Professional strength, do not overdose!

Add 30 drops or 1,5 ml of Koral MD PRO Coral Dip to 1 gallon (3,8 liters) of aged seawater (preferably old aquarium water) in a plastic container. Mix well. Place the coral in the mixture. Make sure the entire coral is immersed. Bathe the coral in this dip for 5 to 10 minutes (15 minutes is the absolute maximum). While the coral is in the mixture, gently agitate the mixture.

A turkey baster or similar device should be used to squirt the dip between the limbs of branching corals or in areas that might be inaccessible for thorough cleaning. Rinse the coral completely with plain aged seawater and place in the new aquarium home.

Important: Although solution may be used to clean or dip several corals, it should be discarded after an hour. Never add Koral MD PRO Coral Dip directly to any aquarium, for use as a dip outside the aquarium or a wipe or soak for cleaning empty coral holding facilities only! (rinse well after use!)

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