Reef Brite XHO 36" Blue/Actinic

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Gjør deg klar for fargepop og pigmentering utenom det vanlige, Reef Brite XHO er her!

Xtreme High Output at an affordable price!

Actinic Blue XHO lights were designed to bring out the fluorescence and pop in your corals, inverts, and fish.

If you are looking to build your own custom fixture, or just need a single supplement light, Reef Brite's XHO series are ideal for all types of fish tanks, reef tanks, and sumps. You can use just one or multiple together, and with Reef Brite's LED Hanging Brackets you can mount up to 5 XHO LEDs together making your own custom fixture.

Available in:

  • 24" Actinic Blue
  • 36" Actinic Blue
  • 48" Actinic Blue
  • 60" Actinic Blue
  • 72" Actinic Blue

Reef Brite XHO LED Lights are widely used on reef tanks and produce a lot of light. They can be used as the main source of light, or as a supplement light to T5 and Metal Halide fixtures. These are especially nice with ATI T5 fixtures since no additional mounting hardware is needed and they mount up to the existing ATI fixture housing.

Blue Actinic - Specifically selected LEDs to enhance the fluorescence and pop. These are most commonly used to supplement T5 lights and metal halide lamps.

Daylight White - Ideal to accent the Blue Actinic Lighting in reef aquariums for custom XHO fixtures, or as a stand alone light for freshwater aquariums.

50/50 - Great for bringing a bit more shimmer to T5 fixtures and highlighting colors in your corals with a proprietary, balanced mixture of LEDs.

Mounting Options

Each XHO LED Light comes with mounting brackets that can be attached to most T5 fixtures that have screw on end plates.


12 LEDs per foot

LED Wattage - 3w per LED (driven at approx 50%)

Lenght: 91cm
Power Cord - >6ft

What's Included?

1x XHO LED Strip Fixture

1x Power Supply