UltraMarine no.77 (AUG-SEP19)

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Inside this issue of

UltraMarine Magazine no.77:

In this issue of UltraMarine magazine:

  • Close Look Review – We take a look at a stunning new book from expert diver (and occasional UltraMarine contributor) Dr Richard Smith.
  • Reef Icons – No.5 – John Clipperton reprises his series of intimate species portraits and pays homage to another iconic reef-keeping treasure… the Sunburst Anthias.
  • Essentially OptionalKeith Moyle uses his 40+ years of aquatic experience to help you save money and prioritise on those really important bits of reef equipment.
  • Lessons LearntMike Paletta makes a triumphant return for a much anticipated update on his rapidly growing 500 US gallon reef system.
  • Close-up on Corals: Turbinaria – James Fatherree’s primer on this fascinating and sometimes surprising genus of corals is sure to boost your chances of success...
  • Top 5 Reef Destinations – Buckle-up as we take a magical mystery tour through a host of diverse marine aquatic environments with ex-editor Rich Aspinall at the helm.
  • Consider the SourceBob Fenner puts his unique style into action with a comprehensive and thoughtful examination of Hawaiian Butterflyfishes.
  • UltraMarine’s Ultimate ReefsJohn Clipperton revisits some of the stunning reef aquaria that have graced the pages of UltraMarine over the last couple of years.

Plus Marine and Product News, plus Q&A with Dave Wolfenden!