GHL Doser Maxi - Stand Alone Black/white

5349.00 kr.
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2 kanals GHL doser MAXI er tysk kvalitet på sitt beste!

Styres via pc,mobil og nettbrett.

Det finnes også en rekke ekstrautstyr til nye doser 2 og MAXI som prober,magnetrører,nivåføler, 3.4" touch screen osv..

Leveres i sort eller hvit, velg ønsket farge!

The GHL Maxi Stand Alone has integrated control electronics and works on its own.

Its 24V stepper motor allow precise dosing. The connection can be made via WiFi, LAN, or USB.

Slave dosers can be connected to the GHL Doser Maxi SA, whereby it is possible to mix GHL Doser 2 (2.1) Slave and GHL Doser Maxi Slave.
In total, up to 16 pumps can be controlled.

The ProfiLux Aquatic Bus provides reliable and interference-free data transfer, even over long distances up to 100 m (300 ft.).

Technical specifications:

Color: Black or white
Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 103 mm (without pumps)
Variants: 2 pumps

Milliliter precision and automated dispensing of liquids such as

  • Fertilizers
  • Trace Elements
  • Balling Salts
  • Lime Water
  • Liquid Feed
  • Integrated evaporated water refill (Auto Top–Off)
  • Water exchange

  • Expandable to 16 pumps respectively metering channels
  • Long lasting motors
  • Chemical resistant tubing (PharMed®)
  • Manual operation of each individual pump is possible
  • Pumps can be retrofitted
  • Individual parts can be replaced (hose, pump head, motor)
  • 24V stepper motors allow extremely precise dosing

  • Up to 150 doses per day
  • Easily chose dosing times via software (GHL Control Center).
    Automatically: Up to 150 individual doses per day automatically distributed
    Individually: Up to 8 doses per day individually set
  • Each pump can be set separately
  • Conveying capacity and dosing:
    320 ml / minute (precisely adjustable)
  • Level indicator

  • WiFi, LAN, and USB
  • Alarm function
  • Large LED status indicator
  • Status LED for pumps

  • Convenient to program via our free PC software GCC
  • Or over our app, web, and cloud service, also free of charge

Professional CAN Bus System ensures reliable and interference-free networking of all network devices.

The LED–backlit GHL Logo in the housing cover serves as a status indicator. Various colors show you at a glance, the condition of your system.

Each pump can be operated manually via the push buttons on the front panel. This allows you to quickly post-dosing, deflating the tube vent or suctioning liquids.

Ample accessories available.

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