Reef Life Support Systems R8-I DC6000

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Space Saver design with small footprint.

  • Measurements: 305mm x 210mm x 550mm (11.5" x 8.27" x 21.65")
  • Power Input: 100-240V, 50-60hz AC Convert to DC
  • Power: 40watts max
  • Air intake: 900-1800 L/h
  • Recommended for 1000-2000L tank
  • High Efficiency design, especially on air intake ability and bubble generation.
  • With Waveline pump, variable skimming ability and air intake levels can be provided.
  • Feed mode for feeding fish and coral
  • Twist on/off collection cup for easy installation and cleaning

The RLSS Protein skimmers are conventional skimmers with an unconventional pumps. Like many protein skimmers, the Waveline DC4000 pump performs both water delivery and water fractionation for the protein skimmer. These pumps are DC (direct current) which employ a speed controllable current. This allows users to select from six preset RPMs via the Waveline pump to tune the skimmers performance on demand. The pump also features a unique 30 minute feed/service shutoff timer which restarts after 30 minutes. The pump employs a soft start, which means the pump ramps up over time to ensure longevity.

All skimmers include the following - Air Silencer, customer venturi intake and all the silicone tubing required. Assembly should take less than 5 minutes.

Each needle wheel features a 2" diameter with short shaft which reduces imbalances and noise/vibrations. These skimmers run quiet and cool.

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