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SENEYE 3-Slide pack AMMONIA & pH (6.5-9)

zoom glyphMonitor the invisible killers in your aquarium
Thehighly accurate disposable seneye slide ensures there is no calibration of the device needed, simply replace each month for accurate and reliable readings.

Your replacement slide allows for the monitoring of free ammonia and pH. The free ammonia (NH3) sensor allows for detection of this highly toxic chemical at very low levels. The pH sensor allows for monitoring of your aquarium or pond water between 6.4 and 9. This range is ideal for most aquatic life and by monitoring this range increased accuracy has be achieved.

aquariumEarly warning, intelligent software predicts future water conditions
The intelligent software in the seneye system monitors all the readings as they are delivered and using our sophisticated algorithm your levels will be predicted based on your previous readings, type of environment and the volume of water.

GraphsGraphing you can see around the world
With the seneye+ your data is automatically graphed for you allowing you to instantly see any developing trends. You can access results from your account worldwide, the reasons are stored online for easy viewing.

mobileConvenient alerts sent to e-mail and mobile phone
Automatic alerts when your levels increase or decrease can be sent to your e-mail address or optionally to your mobile phone via SMS* messages. (SMS alerts may not be available in all countries)

soakSoak slide for 24 to 48 hours
Remember toalways soak your seneye slide for a minimum for 24 hours before using it(for freshwater for 24h, for reef aquaria for 48hours). Take a glass of water from your aquarium or pond and place the slide in. Soaking allows the sensor pad time to stabilise so accurate readings can be taken.

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